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BacTerminator® Dental EU

BacTerminator® Dental EU is a high performance disinfection system for protecting the water lines in the dental unit from pathogenic microorganisms. Beside from protecting the unit against biofilm growth the BacTerminator® Dental EU also removes microorganisms, particles, scaling and organic matter in the incoming water. The BacTerminator® Dental EU works without any handling of chemicals.

According to European Medical Device Directive disinfection quipment and disinfectants for protecting Dental Unit Water Lines has to be a Medical Device Class IIA.

BacTerminator® Dental EU
Capacity 1-3 units, up to 8 units with BacTerminator® Booster module.
See separate data sheet.
Flow out: Capacity: 1-2 l/minute
Flow: 2.4 l/minute
Pressure: 2.4 bar (adjustable)
Connection: 8 mm / 5/16” push in fitting
Capacity filter cartridge: 1,000 l, 10° dH or every 6 months
Alarm for: Low pressure in, filter change, service and leakage
Size: H:452 mm, W:166 mm, L:430 mm
Requirements for feed water:
All versions: Fresh water of drinking water quality
Filtered to: <1mm
Conductivity: >70μS/cm
Chloride level: >7mg/l
Temperature: 5-40°C
General: Pressurized feed water (1-6 bar)
Ambient temperature: 5-40°C
Electrical specifications: 110V/230VAC PE 200W
Standby use: <10W
Order no. BacTermintor Dental EU: 130017
Order no. BacTermintor Dental EU
prepared for booster modul: 1400255


BacTerminator® Dental EU is produced according to the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and EN ISO 13485. Produced according to Dental Units – Water and air supply – EN ISO 7494.

Fig: BacTerminator® Dental EU connected with BacTerminator® Booster

Use for bottle systems
The BacTerminator® Dental EU can also be used as a filling station for water for dental units with installed water tank for separate filling.

Never install a BacTerminator® Dental EU without consulting an authorized Adept Water Technologies dealer. Issues, such as types of connected units, distance from  BacTerminator® Dental EU to units, risk of death legs etc. has to be taken into account to optimize the performance of the BacTerminator® Dental EU.

The BacTerminator® Dental EU system has a build in EN 1717 air gab before the Dental Unit but your local dealer should always be consulted, before the installation and local legislation regarding connecting the system to drinking water lines. Local legislation regarding connecting the system to drinking water lines should always be checked.
Adept Water Technologies always recommend that instrument and mouth flush water is connected to the BacTerminator® Dental EU as Legionella from mouth flush system is known to have infected patients.

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